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"Trouble Is" - Barry Muldrey
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Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by me.
Yes, that's me singing.

"For Trash" - Barry Muldrey
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Very peculiar origins. It was a late night at Piety, and Studio A was empty. I set up a drum
kit made up of a trash can, some trash, and a trashy snare drum. The drummer who was in
Studio B saw what I was doing, and sat down and played. I hit "record." This is a sampled
portion of his playing with guitar arrangements I played over it.

"Not My Stuff on the Floor" - Barry Muldrey
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This piece is a contemp Jazz interpretation of a traditional New Orleans brass progression.
Again, this is entirely performed, captured, and mixed by me.

"No Remainder" - The Gubernatorial Candidates
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Written and performed by the Gubernatorial Candidates. I was a producer and the engineer.

"Oh No" - Dr.Dog
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Philadelphia-based Park the Van Records contacted me about recording these guys live at
the House of Blues - audio only - while Static TV recorded video for their live DVD.
It was a lot of fun, and look forward to working with Dr.Dog again.

"That Was Fate" - U.T.M.S
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The United Talking Machine Symphony was a project of Colin Brown of Motorway.
Their first record was recorded entirely in my house, particularly the kitchen.
I shared production credit with Colin Brown and was sole engineer.

"Island Hopping" - Something Delicious
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I was engineer.